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A Letter from a Founder

Dear Visitors and Friends,

"Why not?" We said, responding to a new friend's request for assistance. It was Summer of 2011, and we couldn't imagine that our now-grinning friend's ask would evolve into a years-long partnership to create a sustainable, locally-managed and funded rural education center. Instead, we dove headfirst into what we believed to be an opportunity to help teacher Harriet Jacobs plan out building a nursery school in her home village of Olgilai, Tanzania. That our eager response to her request has led to the education of 50+ Olgilai children with the promise to empower countless more still leaves me awestruck.

Mission, Impact, People. The three criteria I use to judge the quality of an organization are those against which Green Hope has, since its inception, performed distinctively.

At a high level, the organization's Mission is to combat poverty through education. However, beneath this broad statement is a promise to use local Tanzanian talent and funding in order to meet the Mission. The goal is to provide a world-class education for the children of Olgilai through an organization whose operations are completely funded and managed in-country, without charging all students restrictive school fees. This business model, which is enabled through innovative practices including advisory mentorships with local leadership and ancillary school-owned businesses, is one that could potentially be delivered at scale to other rural areas.

Green Hope's Impact is measurable: Over 50 children ages 2-7 have benefited from English-medium nursery instruction since the school's Fall 2011 establishment. We look forward to empowering generations to come within (and potentially beyond) Olgilai with the best education money doesn't have to buy.

And, finally, the People -- suffice it to say Green Hope has the most wonderful, knowledgeable staff in Tanzania dedicated to the improvement of Olgilai. And the US volunteers who drop everything to spend their summers in Olgilai following a challenging application and interview process are well-qualified, change-minded, and passionate individuals.

I encourage you to get involved in this organization, supporting as a volunteer or donor, and welcome you as one of the People working tirelessly to generate sustainable and positive Impact with our Mission as our compass.

Karibu sana.

Board of Directors

Robert Snyder

Chairman of the Board

Robert Snyder graduated from Pitt with a degree in Political Science and Economics in 2013. He is a management consultant while also serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Green Hope.

Pooja Patel

Board Member

Pooja A. Patel graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Political Science. She currently works as an Emergency Medical Technician and is contemplating pursuing a graduate degree in cognitive psychology and/or behavioral genetics. In 2011, she co-founded Green Hope Orphanage while volunteering outside of Arusha, Tanzania and remains committed to the cause ever since. Green Hope has given her a profound respect for the creativity and commitment of teachers and students the world over. Furthermore, it has taught her both the value of local, grass-root solutions and the importance of self-sufficiency in creating lasting change on a global scale.

Ari Hamilton

Board Member

Ari Hamilton is a graduate student at the London School of Economics, enrolled in the Urbanisation and Development Taught Masters program. He has been involved with Green Hope since it's first volunteer trip to Olgilai in the summer of 2012, and served as President of the non-profit following the 2013 through the 2014 trips. His experience with Green Hope drives his academic interest in development, and inspires his career aspirations to work in international development. For Ari, Green Hope not only offered an incredible introduction to an academic field, but an opportunity to implement best practices in partnership between nonprofits and local talent, and provide an otherwise absent quality education to the children of Olgilai.

Danny Zaidi

Board Member

Danny Zaidi, B.Phil, is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh Honors College. He has been on two service trips to Olgilai Village with Green Hope in Tanzania. Danny focused his studies in Politics, Philosophy and Economics completing his studies with the defense of his thesis focusing in the intersection of marketing methodologies and political theory. Danny’s academic pursuits included corporate internships, graduate coursework and international exposure studying marketing methodologies and their effectiveness. Danny, led the largest student organization at the University of Pittsburgh as president, Alpha Phi Omega during which he led numerous large scale events both state-side and globally. In his free time, Danny enjoys the outdoors, socializing with his community, service-work and the occasional video game. Danny brings to the table a well-rounded, tenacious and critical perspective to the Green Hope Orphanage team.

Executive Committee

Sean McCarthy


Through creative strategic planning, Sean devises solutions to the many challenges Green Hope faces as it grows into an internationally recognized organization.

Sean is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, studying computer science and economics. He became involved in Green Hope during his freshman year of college, and has remained active ever since. Sean took on the responsibility of President in his junior year, and since then has been managing fundraising and strategic development. Passionate about helping others, Sean plans to work in the developing world in his career.

Brittany Dorazio

V.P. of Fundraising

Planning unique events to fund the operations of Green Hope, Brittany is an integral part of the Green Hope family.

Brittany graduated from Point Park University for Musical Theatre in 2015. She traveled to the Green Hope Orphanage in 2013 and witnessed the amazing work being done. In 2016 she returned and her involvement expanded exponentially as she took on the role of Vice President of Fundraising. She currently lives in New York City performing and teaching theater. In 2015, she co-founded The Happy Harmony Movement which is an artistic collaborative that uses an online venue as well as live performances for artists of all types to showcase their talents and explore the statement "Through my art, I want to inspire...". Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

We’re an American nonprofit incorporated and operated by university students to assist in the financial, academic, and administrative support of the Green Hope Nursery School in Olgilai Village, Arusha, Tanzania.

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